Monday, July 02, 2007

No, maybe this is my most favorite...

Thanks to Erica for the idea. I had a couple of issues with getting the doodle on right and not masking off the dress correctly. It's not perfect but I still think it's beautiful. This card is going to Travis' cousin and his new bride. I really wish I would have stamped a sentiment rather than written one because it's a little off.
In other news, Aaron is super whiny and Travis took off with Jakob and I want him to settle down and he's not and he's being very clingy an crying even when I hold him. What am I to do? Sing to him, no he hates that, rock him, he pushes me away, get his blanky and sit him on my lap while I blog, hmmmm working for now. Have a wonderful night everyone!


happily_married_sweetpea said...

I totally love what you did in combining the two stamps to create one fabulous dress. Totally thinking out of the box, I need to do more of that! Cute cute cute!

Michelle said...

This is SO cool! Love the swirls!